Thai Thursday Pinto

Thai Meal Subscription Program


After Taco Tuesdays, Comes Thai Thursdays!

Join us for 4 weeks of off-menu meals inspired by fresh produce found at our local farmer’s market, comfort food we grew up enjoying, and cooking techniques we learned from our ancestors —including desserts by our sister, Chef @AyaraCathy.

Pinto ปิ่นโต (pronounced Bìn-tō) is Thai for tiffin box – a multi-tiered food container coated in enamel used as a vessel to transport food. In Thailand and in many parts of South and Southeast Asia, Pinto are used to pack home-cooked lunches to school and work. Pinto is not only a Thai style of eating, but also a way to save cost on meals. In some communities in Thailand, large batches of food are prepared by members of the community and packed into Pinto boxes. Participants pay a fraction of what it would cost to prepare that meal themselves or to buy it from a restaurant. It’s a type of cost sharing with economy of scale; goods are cheaper when bought in bulk and more affordable when everyone comes together. It speaks to Thai culture in putting food first.

Simple comfort food is commonly served in Pinto. One tier is always reserved for rice, while the other tiers are filled with nutritious and hearty soups, curries, and/or vegetables meant to be eaten with rice. The flavors of each dish form a harmonious balance.

Meals will be delivered cooked with heating instructions. Most of the dishes could be refrigerated or frozen, and reheated at a later time. Each meal is good for 2-3 people.

While we will not be able to provide food in actual Pinto/Tiffin boxes, we will mimic its style using our take-out boxes. Since we are following tradition in our preparation of large batches, we cannot accommodate any substitutions, dietary needs, and spice adjustment. We encourage anyone with these needs to order from our main menu.

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